Queertivity Story


At Queertivity, we're not just crafting games; we're creating a movement, a celebration, and a space for deep, authentic connections within the LGBTQ+ community. As fellow architects of our narratives, we, a group of queer individuals, saw the need for more than just mainstream offerings. We envisioned fun, engaging games and experiences that genuinely resonate with our vibrant lifestyle.

Our journey kicked off with the realization that mainstream game and entertainment companies often miss the mark in capturing the diverse tapestry of the LGBTQ+ experience. We were determined to rewrite that narrative. While we currently have one fantastic game available, our vision goes beyond – a range of games and products that authentically represent the myriad experiences and identities within our community.

Queertivity isn't just a gaming company; it's a commitment to community, authenticity, and inclusivity in everything we do. We believe that games and entertainment should mirror and embrace all lifestyles and identities. Our aim is to provide a safe and welcoming haven, fostering connections and celebrations for everyone.

At the heart of Queertivity lies a mission—to cultivate a profound queer connection, not just between individuals, but throughout the LGBTQ+ community. We're dedicated to encouraging authentic self-expression, curating an environment where every individual feels not only seen and heard but genuinely valued.

Choosing Queertivity as your go-to brand for LGBTQ+ gaming and entertainment means more than just selecting products; it means joining a movement. We're ecstatic to embark on this journey with you—building connections, celebrating authenticity, and collectively shaping a more inclusive world. Together, let's rewrite the narrative and create games that speak to the diversity and richness of our community! 🏳️‍🌈